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We Love Halloween, plain and simple!
And we believe that’s visible in every product we make.

The Haunted House and Dark Attraction industry is growing. Bringing with it increasing demands for realistic looking props and décor that won’t kill your “haunting” budget. Necrotic Creations understands this. Our passion for Halloween and everything haunt related fuels our enthusiasm to build the best, the most original, and frighteningly creepy haunt products on the market today at a price you can afford.

Specializing in hauntingly realistic…

– Resin decor and accents
– Foam and latex props for static displays and pneumatic mechanisms
– Custom designs built to your specifications to make your nightmares come to life.

We place great emphasis on excellent customer service, quick turn around, and producing original products. Proudly made in the USA from quality materials.

Necrotic Creations is dedicated to the goal of providing highly detailed and realistic Halloween props and haunt décor to our customers so that they may create chilling environments and scares at an affordable price.

So give your haunt the screams it deserves with products from Necrotic Creations…

…and stop turning in your grave.


Hours of operation:

Web: 24 hours including holidays

Phone: Monday through Friday 9:30AM – 6:30Pm Pacific Time