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NOTE: Online orders are being filled ASAP as they are worked into our production schedule with the other orders. Necrotic Creations makes everything to order to ensure you get what you ordered. Because of  this, it make take 2 4 or up to to 8 weeks depending on the individual order. If you have any questions or request a faster turn around time, Please email

Please keep in mind that international orders are subject to additional Shipping and Handling as necessary. If you have any questions, please contact us first before placing an order.

Hey Necrofiles,

We got your weekends covered! Now available to the Necrotic Creations product line. Necrotic Creations shot glasses!

(Posted and cleaned up 6/22/2020)

Necrotic Creations Shot Glass!

Before now these were only  available at conventions and trade shows, Now this this long awaited item is available on line. Enjoy your favorite beverage any time and anywhere with our Necrotic Creations Shot glass.

holds: 2 fluid oz

Price: $5.50

Hey Necrofiles,
Just introduced….a new design in cut vinyl by Necrotic Creations.

New Necrotic Creations Logo

Introducing our new Necrotic Creations Logo in Cut Vinyl.
colors include white, black or our teal.

Measurment: 6″ in Dia.

Price: $10.00


Hey Necrofiles,

It’s here, The newest offering to the Necrotic Creations product line. It’s the Forsaken Skull Plaque!

Forsaken Skull Plaque
As seen at Knott’s Scary Farm…. Now available for everyone!

These gorgeous wall plaques are a beautifully gothic addition to any haunt decor. On your front gates, these will wow your patrons as they enter your attraction. Featuring a large full sized skull, these painstakingly sculpted, molded, and painted plaques are a stunning focal point your guests will remember.

Cast in ridged expanding foam, these are sturdy yet lightweight, suitable for indoors or out.

Measures: 33″ h x  14.75″ w x 6″ deep

Price: $189.95


Black Lives Matter Decal

We here at Necrotic Creations believe in equality for all. We stand in solidarity with people of all races, cultures, and genders who are raising their voices across the globe in support of Black Lives Matter.

Help show your support in these troubling times with these custom designed cut Vinyl decals from Necrotic Creations.

All proceeds will be donated equally to:

Black Lives Matter
American Civil Liberties Union

These are available in two different colors;
Select from Black or white vinyl
Cut and pre-masked in house.

Measures: 2.75″ h x  7.25″ w

Price: $10.00


Hey Necrophiles,

Important Note about COVID-19:

Please remember that we make most everything to order, and we fill them in the order received. We do try to get each order out as soon as possible.

However, due to concerns raised about COVID-19, our state is asking us to practice social distancing. We are putting that into practice by limiting our time in our shop to three days a week. All orders will be honored, and all orders will be filled, it might just be a little longer then expected due to various reasons.

There may be a delay in getting orders out, and a potential for delay in delivery, depending on area. We cannot control the post office and the changes they may implement, but as of now, the post office is only minimally affected by policy changes, and there shouldn’t be any delays in domestic delivery services.

Please be patient with us – this is our livelihood and we will do everything we can to make sure that anything you order gets to you.

Our Gift in this interesting time:

Stacy and I have for a few years been playing this game with our family and now we share it with you. At the grocery stores we noticed that a particular brand of potato chips released unique and limited edition flavors of chips. We would purchase them and do a blind taste test. The game was designed to play in a group, Suggest at least 4 up to 8 people can play. Each sheet provides 2 came cards.

How to play: One person should be selected as the master. The master should place each purchased chips in their own separate container, a bag, a bowl…something to separate each flavor of chip. Each bag/bowl should be individually marked so that the master knows which flavor is in which bowl. Each participant will taste each chip and follow the sections on the chip challenge noting the number marked for each flavor. Suggest to have a sip of a lemon lime today between each tasting. Once everyone is done with tasting all the flavors and marking down the answers…the fun begins by each participant to reveal their answers. It’s fun when you find out what you thought was Bbq flavor was actually something completely different. Please have fun and be safe!


Thanks again!

Robert & Stacy
Necrotic Creations

(Posted 4-28-2020)


Hey Necrophiles,

Important Tip: Please make sure that when you place your order, your, shipping address, email, and if possible, phone number is correct on your PayPal account. Keep in mind, our packaging doesn’t like P.O. Boxes.

Make sure to check us out on Facebook for the latest news and Info.

(Posted 2/21/20)




Please keep in mind that international orders are subject to additional Shipping and Handling as necessary. If you have any questions, please contact us first before placing an order.

Hey Necrophiles,

Just wanted to share another testimonial from one of our awesome customers. Jeff Shadic, Manager, Park Decor for Knotts Berry Farm/Knotts Scary Farm. He handles all the seasonal decorations that get set up for all the holidays/festivals at Knotts Berry Farm including our favorite….Halloween. We are happy to call him customer and friend for the last 4+ years.


Hey Necrophiles,

We have a few testimonials filmed at the WCHC. This is the first!
Thanks to Dick Terhune ( for his un- paid and un-scripted support!







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