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FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

At Necrotic Creations we get a few questions from time to time. We help this page helps with some of that!

I bought a few unfinished resin accent decor pieces, How do I paint them?

First, Start by washing each piece with a dishwasher soap. Scrub with a bristle brush with lots of soap. Once should be enough but sometimes twice is necessary. The goal is to remove as much mold release as possible. We recommend using compressed air to remove remaining moisture. Allow to fully dry before continuing. This should be enough in most cases. Depending on the product and it’s intended use, an automotive primer might be required. Spray enamels, acrylics and air brush paints should work well once washed.

What glue should I use to attach my resin decor pieces?

This really depends on a few things….Will it be out doors? Is it being attached to wood or styrofoam? regardless, the first step is to rough up the back of each piece. Use a fine grit sand paper (120 grit) or a ScotchBrite pad. make sure that surface is clean before applying glue.
For foam, we recommend  Gorilla Glue. It does expand so make sure you can clamp your work pieces.
For wood and other substrate simple 5min epoxy, industrial adhesive (i.e. Liquid Nails, E-6000) should work fine. Double sided tape might also work in many indoor applications as well.

My Skull Onlay is awesome!!! but how do I hang it?

Our Skull Onlay and many other pieces similar in style are very light weight compared to their size. While we recommend 3 plus “Command Strips: to hold each Onlay, it is not a permanent option. If longevity is needed, we recommend you secure the Skull Onlay with screws in a location that is not too visible.

I love the Fire Alarm Pulls and Bells! But will they cause problems with my fire inspector? What about the replica light switches?

While we would love to say NO, the truth is everywhere is different. We have not had any issues in our area (and we are in California) but it’s up to each city, county, state and individual inspector to make those decisions. If you have any doubt, We recommend that you check with your local inspectors before purchasing. Necrotic Creations is not responsible for any negative outcome and or fines that may result in their installation.

How long will it be before I receive my order if I place my order on line?

While we do have a small inventory of some pieces, each piece is usually made once it’s been ordered. It also depends on how large the order is. Small orders can be days, others can take a month or two. Also depends on the time of year, as March through September tend to be super busy with orders taken at Transworld! We recommend that if you need something in a hurry, please email us directly at and we can discuss the situation.