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Nyx Bust

Nyx, primordial goddess of the night, married to Erebus (darkness) mother of Hypnos and Thanatos. She will provide a unique dark touch to any home, office or haunted decore. She makes a decidedly gothic statement as a solitary focal point. Or buy two and give one to a friend…. She can also be used as a customizable accent to a project such as a home haunt, mausoleum, or cemetery gate.


nyx bust bronze nyx bust bronze back nyx bust antique nyx bust stacy

Nyx bust

Hand cast from a mold of an original sculpt in a durable expanding foam, she is sturdy but lightweight. Available in a variety of custom finishes; or you can receive her unfinished so you can match her to your own project.

A perfect gift for the gothic lover in your life.
16.75″ h x 9.25″ w x 5.75″ d

Available Finishes: Bronze Verdigris & Stone

Price: $119.00