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Return Policy

Necrotic Creations Return Policy

Due to the seasonal nature of the Halloween and Haunted Attractions industry, all sales are considered final.

We understand that items purchased online cannot be viewed in person, so before placing an order for an item you are unsure of, please contact us for more information. We will do our best to get that information to you as quickly as possible.

Refused orders (Delivery refusal) are subject to a 50% re-stocking fee with no refund for shipping.

In VERY rare circumstances; exceptions may be made on a case by case basis – please email us prior to returning anything with your reason for request of return.

If you have received the wrong item or if the merchandise arrives damaged or in non-working order please do the following:

  • Step 1: Contact us immediately to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number at 408-480-0706 or via email at:
  • Step 2: Package product in original shipping box including all packing material, user guides and manuals.
  • Step 3: Ship pre-paid to the address supplied to you on the RMA form.

Please note that we may refuse approved returns for the following reasons:

  • No RMA# was obtained.
  • Item shows any signs of use or wear
  • Damaged product or packaging.
  • Missing accessories or literature.

Upon our receipt of the damaged product we will inspect the item and if it was damaged or defective we will repair or replace that product in a timely manner and return via standard delivery method at no cost to you.

Necrotic Creations Shipping Policy

We do our best to keep all materials in stock at all times to provide a fast turnaround time. Due to demand and storage limitations our products are generally built once an order is received; however we do try and keep a small number of merchandise in stock at all times.

General timeline:

Stock Items:

  • Fabrication time on stock items is generally 10 business days.

Non-Stock or Custom Designs:

  • Fabrication time can vary depending on the complexity, type, material & parts availability and number of custom props ordered.  Estimated fabrication times are provided at the time the order is placed and we do our best to complete and ship prior to that date.

Please note: Cancellation after fabrication has begun will result in a forfeiture of deposit and/or a minimum of 50% cancellation/restocking fee. This covers all design, parts, and fabrication costs that Necrotic Creations has already incurred.


Shipping Methods

Necrotic Creations ships primarily via USPS Ground and Freight. We do make exceptions and provide alternative shipping methods; but please note Necrotic Creations reserves the right to add additional handling charges at a standard labor rate ($50.00hr) to accommodate these requests.  These handling charges cover the additional man hours and special trip charges to the service provider (post office, Freight Port, etc.).  If you would like us to ship using your own UPS or FedEx account number please place your order and provide us the shipping information via an email to or contact Necrotic Creations at 408-480-0706 to place a phone order.

Necrotic Creations is located in Sacramento, CA. Shipping charges do not include any brokerage or taxes which may be levied on any international shipments.

Necrotic Creations reserves the right to forward any associated fees that are incurred due to reasons beyond our control.  Re-delivery, residential surcharges, redirect fees and additional service charges will be charged to the payment information on file.

Necrotic Creations Safety

Necrotic Creations has no control over the use of any product and therefore expects the user to exercise good judgment as to the proper selection, installation, use and maintenance of any product. Necrotic Creations assumes no responsibility for damage or injury of any kind due to misuse or improper installation or application in any way by any person.

Please be aware of the following important safety information before purchasing or using any of our products…

  • Animated props are intended for intermittent use only. Many require a wall or handrail to separate them from your audience as they move quickly and may injure those too close. We accept NO responsibility for the misuse of animated props.
  • Special care must be taken with pneumatic props to avoid injury. Make sure that no more than 120psi is supplied to any of our props. Most of our props only require < 80psi to operate.  We recommend regulating props to the minimum air pressure required to properly operate.
  • Most of our timers and props run off of 110v AC. Please be aware that shock hazards may exist if water or other liquids are allowed contact with our timers and props.
  • Protect from hearing damage! Staff should wear ear protection if repeatedly exposed to air noise.
  • Always point air cannons or startle effects  away from people when possible! Massive quick air release could potentially project objects in direction of air flow.

If any Necrotic Creations product is found to be defective immediately stop using it and call Necrotic Creations for repair or replacement! 408-480-0706 or email us at


Safety Tips

  • When setting up pneumatic props, never add air until the prop is mounted securely. When adding air, first check that all tubing and fittings are mounted securely, then stand away from the prop and carefully connect the valve to the air supply.
  • When working with pneumatics, always start with your air pressure low and your flow controls open to a minimum then work up the pressure until you achieve the effect you are looking for. Also always disconnect the air when working on or with one of these props. You never know when the solenoid may fire and it’s not going to stop for your face or body parts.
  • All Necrotic Creations Props are designed to operate between 30-120 PSI. Failure to stay within these parameters will void all product warranties, and is extremely dangerous.
  • To ensure a long life of pneumatic products, proper water traps/ filter lubricators and pneumatic oil should always be used.
  • If you use common sense and protect yourself from harmful tools and chemicals, there should be no reason that you can’t have year after year of haunting enjoyment with all of your limbs intact.
  • Always BE SAFE!
Necrotic Creations Warranty

Necrotic Creations stands behind our products and workmanship, therefore we offer a 60 day warranty on all of our products starting from the day of receipt. This warranty is valid towards manufacturing defects as well as covers the products used during manufacturing or assembly (.ie valves, cylinders, fittings, tubing, etc) only.

If you run into an issue please contact us immediately with a description of the issue and any supporting pictures or video. Necrotic Creations is known throughout the industry for having superior customer support and we strive to keep our customers happy and our products in excellent working condition.

Valid claims after 60 days:

Providing valid warranty claims after 60 days will be taken on a case by case basis.   Please contact us via email at and provide a description of the issue, the reasoning for delay in submission, and any supporting pictures.  These claims will be thoroughly reviewed and some form of assistance will be considered.

Return or repair of standard or custom props:

Necrotic Creations stands behind our products and will work diligently to assist in any way possible to keep our clients happy.  In some circumstances it is more cost effective and expedient to have the prop shipped back to us for repair.  If this occurs the client is responsible for the full cost of shipping/freight to ship to us as well as return shipping and packaging costs unless otherwise previously agreed upon.  Repair will be based on fair labor rates of $50per hour plus all necessary materials.

Client Modifications:

Any modification (which also includes client stated extensive “repair”) to any Necrotic Creations item (without prior consult) immediately voids any warranty and Necrotic Creations observes the right to provide any level of assistance as we deem fit.   This may result in an immediate rejection of assistance as client previously assumed all responsibility and ownership.

OTC Items:

Please note that damage to the physical prop (mounted to a mechanism) whether a Necrotic Creations manufactured prop (ie. , MEC in a Box, Whip Outlets), OTC (over-the-counter) prop, customer supplied prop, and or areas surrounding the animation may come in contact with are not covered by any warranty as these items may or may not have been meant for that application.  Client assumes full responsibility for the use of any product, combination of products, or additional items that were not specifically designed and created by Necrotic Creations. Property damage is also the responsibility of the end user.

Misuse of Necrotic Creations manufactured Items:

Misuse of the prop, lack of maintenance, modifications or repairs, or result of Mother Nature’s wrath are not covered by any warranty and will result in immediate rejection of a warranty claim. Client assumes full responsibility for the use and maintenance as well as the safety concerns at time of purchase, therefore Necrotic Creations can legally not be held responsible for damage to the item or persons affected.

Custom Props:

Custom props are built to client specifications and requirements.  Necrotic Creations over-engineers all items to cover the common use however it is the end users responsibility to provide standard maintenance to ensure a long lasting prop.  If you receive an item that does not meet your standards, please contact Necrotic Creations immediately so we can resolve any questions or concerns. Necrotic Creations ensures that all custom props are thoroughly tested and shipped in perfect working order.  Client accepts full responsibility for proper mounting, wiring, installation, and maintenance after 7 days of receipt.

Warranty on custom props:

Due to the tight time frames and potential application variables – Necrotic Creations will work with our client to ensure they are happy with the prop and it is delivered in perfect mechanical and/or physical condition.  Once the prop is delivered and confirmed by the client to be in “acceptable” form, client will assume full responsibility for the item.  We will extend the manufacturer’s warranty on all parts used within the design (ie. valves, fittings, cylinders, etc.) to the end user, but this will not include any warranty on the OTC items nor the controller(s) used.  Warranty claims after 60 days will be reviewed on a case by case basis; but Necrotic Creations is not legally obligated to provide ANY assistance.

Warranty on OTC (over the counter) items:

Necrotic Creations provides no warranty on other manufacturers products that may be used in conjunction with our custom props.  Wardrobe, costuming, props, lighting, fog machines, controllers, and any other non-Necrotic Creations manufactured item must be resolved with the manufacturer of those items.  We strive to only use name brand, high quality parts that are meant to last a long time; but Necrotic Creations cannot be held responsible for their longevity.

Warranty on Controllers:

Controllers are susceptible to misuse, liquid damage, physical damage, electrical issues (improper voltage, shorts, etc.) therefore are not covered by any warranty. You may contact the manufacturer directly and we will assist in any way to prove proof of purchase, date of purchase, and if possible the files for programming, but Necrotic Creations will assume no responsibility for the shipping, repair, or re-installation costs.