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Nyx, primordial goddess of the night, married to Erebus (darkness) mother of Hypnos and Thanatos. She will provide a unique dark touch to any home, office or haunted decore. She makes a decidedly gothic statement as a solitary focal point. Or buy two and give one to a friend…. She can also be used as a customizable accent to a project such as a home haunt, mausoleum, or cemetery gate.

nyx bust bronze nyx bust bronze back nyx bust antique nyx bust stacy

Nyx bust

Hand cast from a mold of an original sculpt in a durable expanding foam, she is sturdy but lightweight. Available in a variety of custom finishes; or you can receive her unfinished so you can match her to your own project.

A perfect gift for the gothic lover in your life.
16.75″ h x 9.25″ w x 5.75″ d

Available Finishes: Stone, Antique, Bronze Verdigris & unfinished.

Price: $119.00

Special Edition Vampyre Skull

This Special Edition Wall Hanging Vampyre Skull will provide that special dark touch to any home, office or haunted attraction. Designed to hang on any interior wall. It can also be used as a unique accent to any project such as a tombstone, cemetery columns and or a casket. Hand cast in resin with a custom verdigris bronze finish to provide the rich appearance of aged bronze. Complete with mounting hardware.
Special Promo Price $55.00

Common Vampyre measures:

4.75” w x 7.5” h x 3.5” d

Price: $55.00


And for those who like a surprise or challenge, Try our new “Ghoulies Bag”

Each bag may contain random pieces that are not quite up to our standards but could be used in some clever and talented way by those willing to try. Possible pieces may include, Accent decor pieces, door knobs, replica hardware, stickers and more.

Price: $8.50

Stay Tuned for our Next Special!

Highly detailed something cool from the minds here at Necrotic Creations!!!
Measurements: ?”w X ?”h X ?”d
Retail Price $ ?
Special Promo Price $ ?

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